The Reason…

tumblr_mwpur7hkty1spjeeao1_500Everyone creates a blog for a purpose and while the blog may hint on bashing other’s relationships and taking down about marriage, etc… This is truly not one of those parties. I am what I would call a relationship novice so through this blog, I will be able to conduct research into relationship norms and create commentaries about them while having fun and meeting other singles. I am not in a rush for a relationship by all means, but I would be lying if I didn’t say one has not crossed my mind once or twice in my life.

In conclusion, what makes me unique is that I have never been in a relationship before but I have experienced relationship characteristics without commitment. Most people my age have been in love, in lust, in matrimony, in divorce and I have never been in any of these except with myself. This blog will tackle several personal troubles with the hopes of entertaining you to read more and comment on my experience!

Again, this is not a blog to feel sorry about being single or feeling like I have been missing out on things… this is simply a blog of entertainment (being single just so happens to be a bonus!)


The Single Woman


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