The Single Woman Announced

There really isn’t much to say here, but I’ve read on several websites having a simple “about me” section to your blog makes you more welcoming so here goes it…

Single, African American, Woman, Single, Career Girl, 20-Something, Single, South Carolina Native, Future Doctoral Student, Single, Destined For Greatness, Netflix Junkie, Extremely intelligent, Single, Introverted Extroverted Introvert?, Funny, Single…

I am sure you get the point by now. I am a single 20-something year old African American female living in South Carolina. I am a Masters graduate currently researching doctoral programs in Educational Policy, Supervision, and Administration. I am very ambitious as a first generation scholar, and hope this blog will introduce me to more singles around the world! I am highly opinionated, but in a very humble tone, with a funny personality and somewhat good looks.

If you would like to know anything else, feel free to comment or send me an e-mail at jeetermsw at


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